Since its founding in 1978 by Donald Moyer, The Yoga Room has made yoga available to people of all ages and abilities.

Please see our new fall schedule of regular ongoing classes as well as our lineup of workshops on special topics and opportunities for intensive practice. button_Fall

For the busy fall and busier holiday season, consider the gift of a class, series of classes, or special workshop or intensive. Please contact us for details or to order a Yoga Room Gift Certificate!

Photographs by Tina Kauffman

Photographs by Tina Kauffman


As a multi-generational community, we are concerned with encouraging proper alignment in the poses, maintaining a balance between strength and flexibility, and making yoga available to people of all ages and abilities. With our emphasis on personalized practice, we offer alternatives for almost anyone, from expectant mothers, to those dealing with health issues and disabilities, to those who want a truly deep and challenging experience.

Zen Meditation with Reb Anderson

We are pleased to announce an upcoming Zen Meditation Series, “The Song of the Precious Mirror Awareness,” with Tenshin Reb Anderson on Tuesday evenings, Nov. 3 through Dec. 15. Register now.

Advanced Studies Program

The Yoga Room’s Advanced Studies Program has been training yoga teachers since 1988. It features in-depth classes on the practice and theory of the asanas, as well as courses in anatomy and kinesiology, pranayama, and yoga philosophy.