Yoga for Cyclists

 with Yoko Yoshikawa
Monday Evenings, 7:30 – 9:00pm, Jan 16 – Feb 7 (4 weeks)
Single class – $18 | Series of 4 classes – $60

Cyclists develop powerful muscles in their legs, hips and lower torso— and strong habits of posture.  Over the long haul, if you’re not stretching or exercising intelligently in other ways, your muscles can tighten, range of motion become limited and you can be more easily injured.

Yoga is an excellent complement to cycling.  Certain yoga asana (poses) and sequences effectively counter the more problematic aspects of long-distance and frequent bicycling:  the proverbial “bicycle back,” overdeveloped hamstrings and gluteals.  Each class, you’ll walk out feeling lighter and more supple, with a spacious sense of breath, a looser roll to your walk and greater ease in your hips, shoulders and neck.

Yoko Yoshikawa has been teaching yoga since 1996, when she graduated from a three-year intensive teacher-training program at the Piedmont Yoga Studio, taught by Rodney Yee and Richard Rosen, among others.  Her teaching is highly textured— she can be quite subtle, bringing the student deep into the inner body— and she can rev up the class so that everyone becomes intensely energetic.  She is often eloquent and funny and will sprinkle her teaching with anatomical terms, vivid metaphors and fragments of poems.  Yoko is also fiercely observant.  She’ll be hands-on — you can expect judicious adjustments and a light — but firm — touch.  

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