Coming Home to Our Body, Feelings, & Mind

with MyoE Doris Harder
Sunday, October 29, 1–4pm | $55

This is a half-day opportunity for anyone, regardless of tradition and beliefs. We will relax and ground ourselves in physical presence, coming face to face with our breathing, feeling and thinking while sitting still, walking or standing. We will recognize habitual behavior and practice letting go through returning to what really is. Being aware moment by moment, meeting whatever comes up- we stabilize against habitual reactions. We sharpen our perception without getting attached. We participate in life instead of resisting or interfering and find joy in this dance of call and response. This afternoon is for beginning and continuing students who are open to some input and appreciate the support of a group.

Rev. MyoE Doris Harder is an ordained Soto Zen priest in the lineages of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and Kobun Otogawa Roshi. She practiced at San Francisco Zen Center, where she completed her studies by serving as shuso, or head monk. Doris also lived and worked in Vienna, Austria, where she directed plays and was an active member of the umbrella organization of Austrian Buddhists. In Europe, she taught Zen, wrote articles, and led Zen retreats. Now, happy to be back at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, she is serving as Tanto, Head of Practice.


Workshop Cancellation Policy:
15 or more days in advance: $20 service charge | 14 to 8 days in advance: 50% charge | 7 days or less: no refund | Fees are non-transferable | Checks must be received within 7 days to hold your registration