Breathing Life Into Your Poses

with Arthur Kilmurray
Saturday, December 8, 1–5pm | $68

Conscious Breathing in the yoga postures, not in a forced or artificial way, but with sensitivity and continuous surrender to the intelligence of the body, awakens layers of new sensitivities.  These help us refine alignment, at all levels of our lives, increase ease of our movements in the body, and deepen the experience of our already present inner wholeness, what Patanjali calls in sutra I-  3, ‘drashtuh svarupe’, the ultimate experience of Yoga.

Arthur Kilmurray has been exploring embodied awakening for almost 50 years. In-depth studies with B.K.S. Iyengar, Bonnie Cohen and Emilie Conrad, among others, has opened his sense of yoga to include all levels of existence. His passion is to helps students awaken to their own unique expressions of embodied intelligence so that they may more fully participate in the great awakening rippling through our home planet.
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