Teacher Feature: Shannon Knorr

Shannon Knorr is a certified Pilates Rehabilitation teacher of 15 years and Yoga Room graduate of 2014. She is the owner of Embody Pilates Studio in Oakland and has been teaching therapeutic pilates with a focus on scoliosis for the past 15 years. She has completed the scoliosis specialization course with Suzanne Martin, and uses breath, pilates and PT exercises as well as visualization. She herself having scoliosis has used many modalities and has found that Yoga and Pilates has been the perfect companion to get her out of chronic back pain. The goal is not to be “straight” but to become more aligned, aware and centered from the inside out.

Shannon Knorr is a breast cancer survivor and believes Yoga is much more than postures, it is a meeting of self. Using breath and alignment she uses her decades of anatomy and rehabilitation training fusing them with a more healing approach, using guided meditation, breath and movement.

Shannon teaches the following class at The Yoga Room:
Wednesdays starting 9/5, 6:00–7:15pm

For more information, contact Shannon: