with Billy Weprin
Saturday,  March 23rd | 2-4pm

Each moment is filled with natural “miracles”. The air we breathe, the ground under our feet, the light that fills the world. And this mysterious thing we call life. How is this all possible? What is the real nature of the Universe? Modern science offers us a new window on reality. A reality that is very surprising. In this afternoon workshop we will explore the new story of the Cosmos, and the possibility that it is alive and conscious. The possibility that we are much more than we think we are. “When the white fog burns off, the abyss of everlasting light is revealed.” ~Denise Levertov

Billy Weprin has been interested in Science and Religion for a long time. These interests eventually brought him to the Sophia Center at Holy Names University. There he studied the new story of the Cosmos. Both teachers and students provided a rare opportunity to explore a modern understanding of Science and Religion. The lessons continue to unfold within him. For the past six years, he has tried to convey what has been gathered in weekly classes that he teaches for seniors and people with Alzheimer’s disorder.


Workshop Cancellation Policy:
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