Working from Within

with Shannon Knorr
Saturday,  March 9th | 2-5pm

In this workshop we will explore alignment from the inside out – primarily working with the deep psoas, kidneys, kidney meridian, and diaphragm. We will explore how all of the above connect and influence how we hold ourselves. Using breathing awareness, yoga asana, Pilates, and writing we will delve deep into our inner bodies to find more ease, strength and alignment.

Shannon Knorr has been teaching rehabilitative Pilates for 17 years and is the owner of Embody Pilates Studio in Oakland. She is a graduate of the Advanced Studies Program of The Yoga Room and holds a degree in Dance/Movement Therapy. She has extensive knowledge of the body, its anatomy and the workings of the inner body. She teaches people that Yoga practice is truly a dialogue with their own body. Shannon is a breast cancer survivor and during her treatment and recovery found her movement practice to be her lifeline. Shannon believes that Yoga and Pilates are accessible to every body and learning about our bodies puts our health and wellness directly into our own hands. Through practice together may we all develop a stronger movement practice of our own as well as a deeper relationship with ourselves. For more information, visit:

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